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Couples counseling

  • Scientifically proven method (EFT)

  • Highly rated

  • Anonymous and 100% online

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We help you get to know, and change, your communication patterns and invest in the quality of your relationship.

The first 6 weeks are aimed at gaining more insight into what is going on inside you.
In the last 6 weeks you will recover and deepen the connection with your partner and you will discover how you can have more pleasant conversations. Relaxation follows and there is room again to enjoy – and with – each other.

Step 1: View your negative patterns (Weeks 1 & 2)

Step 2: Understanding your needs (Weeks 3 & 4)

Step 3: Dealing with ‘triggers’ (Week 5)

Step 4: Acceptance (Week 6)

Step 5: Breaking Patterns (Weeks 7 & 8)

Step 6: Restore Connection (Week 9, 10 & 11)

Step 7: Enjoy and invest (Week 12)