Couples Counseling

  • Scientifically proven method (EFT)

  • Excellently rated

  • Anonymous and 100% online

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Improve your relationship with our help

Who is this training suitable for?

For everyone who finds their relationship worthwhile and wants to put energy into it. Even if it is not easy. It is also a possibility to follow our program yourself without your partner actively participating. As a result of following our program you will gain new insights and will behave differently, likely changing your relationship at the same time as well. Sometimes that will even lower the barrier for the partner to join.

Training setup

For twelve weeks we will help you get to know, and change, your communication patterns. This way you will be able to express yourself more effectively and repair faster after a fight or a disconnect and simply have more time to enjoy each other.

Each week you will receive a lesson which consists of one or more videos and reflection prompts; assignments you can do on your own and together. It is a self-help program with personal email support. So when something is unclear, you can mail us and we will help by answering your question.

In this training you will receive

  1. A digital booklet with tools to help you get the best out of your relationship
  2. Inspiration tips for books, podcasts and videos
  3. Connectivity and Love Languages ​​tests
  4. Personal email support from Anoek Gerlings, Master of Science Psychology, Couples Therapist specialize in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
  5. One year of exclusive access to Couples Counseling

  • More pleasure and happiness

  • Feel a deeper connection again

  • Restore trust in yourself and each other

  • Understand each other again

  • Improve intimacy and sex

Relatie verbeteren met onze hulp

Strengthen your relationship from the comfort of your own home

  • Effective methods; EFT, John Gottman, Marshall Rosenberg, Gary Chapman
  • Anonymous and safe
  • More cost effective than couples therapy
  • Suitable for relationship maintenance
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Hundreds of couples have gone before you!

“ is a great way to achieve a deeper conversation together. You work consciously with each other every week, and so break through patterns and improve your relationship.”


“I had a very positive experience with the program. It made us both more fun, more relaxed together, so we could give more space and attention to the other person.”


“Accessible, everything was easy to find, the materials were attractive. The videos were also good with relevant examples that provide insights into, for example, what my partner and I need to be doing for each other.”


Strengthen your relationship together or alone

Online Couples Counseling

Step 1: Understand your negative patterns

Address the invisible causes of stress, pain and conflict in your relationship. This step shows you how misunderstandings and negative patterns undermine your love connection. (Week 1 & 2)

Step 2: Understand your needs

Get a better understanding of what is going on inside you and increase your awareness of your own needs, which in turn will help your partner to better understand and support you. Discover the particular way that you give and receive love. (Week 3 & 4)

Step 3: Deal with ‘triggers’

In every relationship partners unintentionally hurt each other. Until we learn how to properly cope with these triggers, we will be continue to trigger the other person. Our program will show you how to stop doing this to each other. (Week 5)

Step 4: Develop acceptance

Learn how you can influence a situation, by accepting what you cannot change. (Week 6)

Step 5: Break patterns

Address the negative patterns that undermine your relationship and learn to stay connected by communicating better. Dare to be vulnerable and strengthen your love and connection (7 & 8)

Step 6: Restore connection

Find a new balance in giving and taking. Develop a firm foundation so you will be able to further growth in your relationship. (Week 9, 10 & 11)

Step 7: Enjoy and invest

Rediscover each other and learn how to easily have fun together and enjoy each other’s attention and intimacy. (Week 12)